Definition of saxophonist in English:



  • A person who plays the saxophone.

    ‘a saxophonist who doubles as the lead vocalist’
    • ‘He is a fluid, elegant player who rejects the star soloist approach of many a saxophonist faced with the trio format.’
    • ‘The piece is dedicated to alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley.’
    • ‘Throughout, the saxophonist eschews the obvious, opting for restraint or curiously oblique phrases rather than motivic development.’
    • ‘The saxophonist had his own booth on the side of the control room.’
    • ‘His solos are seldom more than three minutes long, but he squeezes more into three minutes than most saxophonists could play in ten.’
    • ‘He began working as a jazz saxophonist in 1940.’
    • ‘Coming as a complete contrast to the saxophonist's often turbulent output in recent years, this album is a collection of introspective ballads.’
    • ‘His poem pays homage to saxophonist John Coltrane.’
    • ‘Before those 1968 Olympics, he would be tinkering with 15 pairs of skis at a time, like a saxophonist with his reeds, and finally choosing.’
    • ‘He hit the road as a tenor saxophonist and clarinettist with the Henry Jerome Swing Band.’



/sakˈsɒf(ə)nɪst/ /ˈsaksəˌfəʊnɪst/