Definition of sayonara in English:



informal mainly US
  • Goodbye.

    • ‘the beautiful Diana was twenty-one when she said sayonara’
    • ‘They fulfilled their obligations to the record company and said sayonara.’
    • ‘Still, you can't help wondering - are you two saying sayonara two weeks from now, or could he really be your long-term lucky guy?’
    • ‘Happily, you can also say sayonara to your teeny bikini in favor of a more form-forgiving baggy sweater as you eat your way toward winter.’
    • ‘On July 6, the Finnish Ambassador and his wife hosted a reception on their home to say sayonara.’
    • ‘As much as it hurt to say sayonara to someone I truly adore, I know it was the right thing for both of us.’
    • ‘His goal: to open up new living and working space downtown that will give current residents new options and lure suburban salarymen eager to say sayonara to long hours on the train.’
    • ‘You'll feel weak and fuzzy-headed, and you can say sayonara to continuing your spinning session - or your marathon.’
    • ‘Some experts believe that saying sayonara is the only way to deal with a boss like Lisa's.’
    • ‘The occasion was to celebrate the 103rd Anniversary of Philippines Independence and to say sayonara to many of the friends they made during their two and a half years in Japan.’
    • ‘But so far she has not been tempted to cash in on her celebrity status - even though her salary is a fraction of what she could earn if she said sayonara to the shop-girl life.’
    • ‘I really would have liked to say sayonara to this nice couple.’
    • ‘But, as a matter of fact, they cannot say sayonara to boats once and for all.’
    • ‘If a new commission fails to bring order to the buccaneering world of tuna fishing, say sayonara to tuna sushi.’
    • ‘The mid-day event also gave Josef and Ivana the opportunity to say sayonara to many of their friends.’
    • ‘Leonard and Margaret are back in Canada now and, as I was traveling, I missed their big sayonara.’
    • ‘Saying sayonara to your moustache can do wonders for image transformation.’
    • ‘Saying sayonara to unproductive worry means you'll be less anxious and depressed; plus you'll sleep better and may even have fewer headaches and digestive problems.’
    • ‘The evening of ‘singing and snacks’ was a sayonara for Kay.’
    • ‘My biggest regret the last few weeks was not being in Tokyo for the sayonara for Ecuadorean Ambassador.’
    • ‘Featuring original members, the group will be making, as the tour title suggests, its sayonara visit to Japan.’
    farewell, adieu



/ˌsīəˈnärə/ /ˌsaɪəˈnɑrə/


Japanese, short for sayō naraba, literally ‘if it be thus’.