Definition of scalding in English:



  • 1Very hot; burning.

    ‘she took a sip of scalding tea’
    as submodifier ‘the water was scalding hot’
    • ‘Fortunately, Fay saves me from answering by handing me a scalding hot mug, filled with suspiciously dark looking tea.’
    • ‘On the day Waterford never came out of the traps and never produced a resemblance of the form that had seen them make it to this juncture, on a scalding hot day in Limerick in front of a great Waterford crowd.’
    • ‘A year later came the infamous episode when she seriously burned her feet by stepping into a scalding hot bath - again while in Mustique.’
    • ‘A pizza-dough pasty, with a doughnut consistency, envelops a scalding hot tomato and melted mozzarella interior.’
    • ‘Sitting in a scalding hot bath with naked strangers sounds more like punishment than a popular pastime.’
    • ‘It's less fun to toss things because scalding hot oil usually ends up on your tender forearms.’
    • ‘I was sitting at a table in the café area, avidly absorbing my latest book, sipping a cup of scalding hot café latte when she welcomed herself into my world.’
    • ‘She grabbed her books and backpack and ran to the bathroom, where she washed her hands three times with scalding hot water, and then once more with rubbing alcohol.’
    • ‘Our drill instructors will punch you in the throat if your shoe is untied, then you will have to run up a mountain with two sacks full of scalding hot sauna rocks tied to your bare chest.’
    • ‘Delilah notices the scalding tea on the floor and sighs, realizing that Tim didn't drink the poison.’
    • ‘He swore he heard the splash sizzle as the scalding liquid seared her hand.’
    • ‘Some swallow ladles of boiling oil and then spit the scalding liquid onto their captive audience; others insert red-hot implements from the fire into their mouths.’
    • ‘John entered the bathroom and turned to sink on to hot, placing his hands under the scalding water.’
    • ‘The city's worth a visit for that alone - three scoops of high-roast ground Cuban coffee to a trickle of scalding water, served in sugary shot measures that simply electrify the system.’
    • ‘As reelers, the boys dip their hands into scalding water and palpate the silk cocoons, sensing by touch whether the fine silk threads have loosened enough to be unwound.’
    • ‘Chickens destined for the oven are intentionally kept alive while their throats are slit and they're dragged through a scalding tank to make plucking easier.’
    • ‘In the sixth century, it was common for competitors for the truth to dip their arms in scalding water to prove - by divine protection - the worth of their claims.’
    • ‘Some were kept in the tubs until they could no longer be revived; others were first chilled and then plunged into scalding water.’
    • ‘She had ‘dreadful burns undoubtedly caused by scalding water’, he said.’
    extremely hot, burning, blistering, searing, red-hot
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    1. 1.1Intense and painful or distressing.
      ‘a scalding tirade of abuse’
      • ‘A scalding pain lanced through her body like a fiery, hot poker.’