Definition of scaly anteater in English:

scaly anteater


another term for pangolin
‘Analysis of these fossils showed the ancient creature to be a small mammal, possibly distantly related to the modern scaly anteater known as the pangolin.’
  • ‘In contrast with the Xenarthra, the Old World Pholidota is not trophically diverse and contains only the myrmecophagous pangolins, or scaly anteaters.’
  • ‘Alternatively they may climb trees in search of tree ants, as do the pangolins or scaly anteaters of the genus Manis.’
  • ‘Their operation, which could easily have caused outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease as well as salmonella infections, saw protected Tantalus monkeys and giant scaly anteaters offered as part of a menu of jungle dishes.’
  • ‘Visiting the sanctuary's Operations Centre, we learn about programs to protect other indigenous species, such as sea turtles and scaly anteaters.’


scaly anteater

/ˈskālē ˈan(t)ˌēdər/ /ˈskeɪli ˈæn(t)ˌidər/