Definition of scathe in English:


Pronunciation /skāT͟H/ /skeɪð/


with object and usually with negative usually be scathed
  • 1archaic Harm; injure.

    ‘he was barely scathed’
    • ‘He'd been hit a few times, but for someone of his magnitude, it barely scathed him.’
    hurt, wound, harm, damage, disable
    1. 1.1archaic, literary Damage or destroy by fire or lightning.
      ‘the pine tree scathed by lightning-fire’
      • ‘The little wiry bushes that grow all over Yosemite seem to be barely scathed by the flames in places, a tribute to their hardiness.’


  • Harm; injury.

    • ‘it was cheering to hear that you had got through winter and diphtheria without scathe’


Middle English from Old Norse skathi (noun), skatha (verb); related to Dutch and German schaden (verb).