Definition of scatology in English:


Pronunciation /skəˈtäləjē/ /skəˈtɑlədʒi/

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  • 1An interest in or preoccupation with excrement and excretion.

    ‘The subtle interweaving of scatology and death is positively Freudian.’
    • ‘But Sharon caught me off guard when she started to talk with some approval about scatology, a fetish whose adherents use feces to enhance sexual activity.’
    • ‘But it is not just sex that is fixated on waste and scatology; the characters within the film are painted with a misanthropic glee.’
    • ‘With their propensity for schoolboy humour and scatology, they deal with the subject by uproarious laughter.’
    • ‘Tf you don't mind a little scatology along with your predictable love story, you could do worse than this amiable diversion, which will provide an above-average quota of giggles.’
    1. 1.1Obscene literature that is concerned with excrement and excretion.
      • ‘They aren't always polite in their writings; sometimes they use parody, satire and occasionally even scatology.’
      indecency, immorality, impropriety, salaciousness, smuttiness, smut, lewdness, rudeness, vulgarity, dirtiness, dirt, filthiness, filth, foulness, coarseness, crudeness, grossness, vileness, nastiness, impurity, immodesty, indelicacy, indecorousness, unwholesomeness, scabrousness, ribaldry, bawdiness, suggestiveness, eroticism, carnality, lasciviousness, lechery, licentiousness, libidinousness, degeneracy, depravity, amorality, debauchery, dissoluteness, prurience


Late 19th century from Greek skōr, skat- ‘dung’+ -logy.