Definition of scenester in English:



informalNorth American
  • A person associated with or immersed in a particular fashionable cultural scene.

    • ‘Seeking attention as fashionable scenesters may well get them more attention than their latest album.’
    • ‘In this season of gift giving, who knows what to buy those harder-to-reach demographics - the morbidly obese, the neo-neo-cons or post-punk scenesters?’
    • ‘I left a half hour early, and found a line around the block, full of a combination of hoodie-hardcore kids and scenesters wearing a preposterous amount of pre-faded denim.’
    • ‘Blogs, those comprehensive and self-indulgent online diaries kept by aspiring scenesters everywhere, aren't usually thought of as humorous.’
    • ‘The sheer variety of styles represented here means that aging hipsters and young scenesters alike will find something that puts the gin in their vermouth.’
    • ‘The vibe is way upscale though a little on the relaxed side, so ardent scenesters will likely want to move on to Drai's or other velvet rope enclaves.’
    • ‘An appropriately somber group of media, stylists, scenesters and celebs lined up in the dark courtyard, waiting to be let in.’
    • ‘I saw the many faces of the many scenesters I see everywhere, but because of scene rules, am not allowed to acknowledge.’
    • ‘They are downtown scenesters, to be sure, but they aren't just glitz and nightlife - they're smart.’
    • ‘Young professionals and scenesters were steadily streaming into Old City in search of new places to hang.’
    • ‘Of course, no one looks quite as good as the scenesters at Brooklyn loft parties.’
    • ‘London is a major station for the travelling carnival of creators, dictators, scenesters and professional narcissists who parade between the world's fashion flashpoints.’
    • ‘In San Francisco the who's who of promoters and scenesters were all over his ability to melt mellow jazzy flavours with bumpin’ thumpin’ beats.’
    • ‘Wow, I've never seen so many scenesters in one place.’
    • ‘By default, that put us in a category that would be in with snobby scenesters, but we have worked hard to avoid that.’
    • ‘Part restaurant, part nightclub, this wood-paneled new hot spot tries to please both foodies and scenesters.’
    • ‘Who'd have thought a single email designed to mock New York scenesters would have turned into an international craze?’
    • ‘You enter a plush lounge bar on street level packed with hip scenesters, and take a steel stairwell to a basement grotto ringed by a moat.’
    • ‘But is anything different about this new generation of Christian scenesters aside from the kind of music they play?’
    • ‘Even when they're not throwing a party, the apartment is open to various friends and like-minded scenesters who stop by.’