Definition of schematize in English:


transitive verb

(also British schematise)
[with object]
  • Arrange or represent in a schematic form.

    ‘the eye schematizes objects in coded groupings’
    • ‘schematized data’
    • ‘Both light and sound waves can be schematized this way, and so too the complex visual and aural patterns created by their interference.’
    • ‘He has carefully marshalled his themes - past and present, art and life, sickness and health, risk and safety, posh and common, 1960s ideals and contemporary compromises - but they remain schematised binary opposites.’
    • ‘This section has necessarily schematised a more complex critique.’
    • ‘A number of other factors such as clothing and posture, would, I think be schematized and contribute to your response.’
    • ‘These schematized formations recall aerial ballets, spiraling nebulae or orbiting planets, tracings of tiny fireballs, even measles and skin rashes.’
    • ‘The splendidly schematized figure is shown from a vantage point that allows the contour of his right arm to reinforce the silhouette of the tall Attic stele behind.’
    • ‘However, even in these analyses, the cognitive considerations at stake are highly schematized and simplified.’
    • ‘It is a way of coming to terms with one's immediate environs, doing away with the centred and schematized practices of modernism.’
    • ‘This pattern of discovery may be schematized as in the figure overleaf.’
    • ‘Perhaps the normal procedure of language could be schematized as follows.’
    • ‘In fact, the way we as scholars schematize clergy careers goes just this way, and it is exactly on this laddering that we have looked for evidence of differences in career patterns and of discrimination.’
    • ‘Monkeys, like us, actively schematize their world, and their behavior is thus motivated by cognitions as well as emotions.’
    • ‘If you wanted to schematise the history of numbering systems, you could say that it fills the space between One and Zero, the two concepts which have become the symbols of modern technological society.’
    • ‘We do so by schematizing in order to impose upon chaos as much regularity and form as our practical needs require.’
    • ‘Like the caterpillars and dragonflies on the adjacent dresses, these forms stand out from the graphic patterns that surround them because they appear to be organic, if highly schematized in their rendering of anatomy.’
    • ‘The distances and relationships schematized on a technical map only tend to confuse people until they have worked through the problem of compatibility themselves in an experiential way.’
    • ‘The program notes ascribed a savage or exotic otherness to the performers who were packaged into neatly schematised and imperialised glosses for ready consumption by the spectator.’
    • ‘They have to use all their ingenuity to outwit the vision of this information, which polices them, relating exclusively to that which has already been filed away or schematised in the objective memory.’
    • ‘He developed a schematized, four-stage model of the hysterical fit, and he mapped a series of ‘hysterogenic zones’ onto the body of the hysteric.’
    • ‘He schematized ideal society as blessed with three divine gifts: wisdom, victory, and life.’



/ˈskēməˌtīz/ /ˈskiməˌtaɪz/