Definition of schipperke in English:



  • A small black dog of a breed with a ruff of fur round its neck and typically a docked tail.

    ‘First prize in the popular Sunday afternoon contests went to the collar with the lock that presented, yet preserved, the glistening protrusion of black neck hair on the schipperke's early ancestors.’
    • ‘It was Popeye (passenger seat, left), one of our schipperkes.’
    • ‘I have 3 schipperkes, but if I had the space would go empty out the local SPCA and give every dog a super home.’
    • ‘Didi is a registered pure-bred gold schipperke, the colour of a golden fox, with foxy ears and a pointy foxy snout.’



/ˈskipərkē/ /ˈskɪpərki/


Late 19th century from Dutch dialect, literally ‘little boatman’, with reference to its use as a watchdog on barges.