Definition of schizanthus in English:


Pronunciation /ˌskitˈsanTHəs/ /ˌskɪtˈsænθəs/ /ˌskiˈzanTHəs/ /ˌskɪˈzænθəs/


  • A South American plant of the nightshade family, with irregularly lobed showy flowers marked with one or more contrasting colors.

    Genus Schizanthus, family Solanaceae

    ‘Their cheerful blossoms peeking just above their oval textured leaves will be another attractive contrast to the agapanthus and the schizanthus.’
    • ‘In zones 15-17, you can also plant calceolaria, cineraria, nemesia, and schizanthus.’
    • ‘Annuals like godetia, nemesia, and schizanthus bloom in spring.’


Modern Latin, from Greek skhizein ‘to split’ + anthos ‘flower’.