Definition of schlumpy in English:


adjectiveschlumpier, schlumpiest

informalNorth American
  • Slovenly or scruffy.

    ‘compared with the hip clientele, we felt a little schlumpy in our parkas’
    ‘a schlumpy bathrobe’
    • ‘As schlumpy as those guys are, they've got the power.’
    • ‘For 30 years he's watched schlumpy executives and star athletes alike transform their lives.’
    • ‘Her style was schlumpy, yet self-important.’
    • ‘In person, he's friendly but ill at ease, a schlumpy professor in chinos and a beige button-down, who dislikes being interviewed, he says, owing to a few bad experiences with reporters.’
    • ‘There are some women who think motherhood is an excuse to wear a tattered, stained, wrinkled, baggy T-shirt with schlumpy pleated khakis and a pair of sneakers that look like you need to head for the hills if they ever took them off in your presence.’
    • ‘I'm in a schlumpy Santa Claus outfit.’
    • ‘"Anyone who can get away with wearing flats at night and not looking schlumpy is OK in my book," the stylist remarked.’
    • ‘Just because it's online video doesn't mean you can look schlumpy.’
    • ‘I'm convinced that I could wear it and look stylish, not schlumpy.’
    • ‘Though nothing she's wearing is so super-fancy, the accessories make what could be a schlumpy outfit somewhat upscale.’
    • ‘His schlumpy attire, including floppy hats and baggy khakis, is pretty nondescript, but we did notice an interesting insignia on a puffy vest he was sporting.’
    • ‘He can be self-deprecating, describing himself as ‘powerless and, well, schlumpy’.’
    • ‘The male players tend to be either unabashedly schlumpy or sharply dressed in the manner of a Vegas hotel manager.’
    • ‘When you are onstage, you want to feel pretty; you don't want to look schlumpy.’
    • ‘I realized that it had finally happened: I had become one of those schlumpy women you see dragging a bunch of whiny kids around the shopping mall.’
    shabby, worn, down at heel, shoddy, ragged, tattered, mangy, sorry, run down, disreputable


1950s from schlump + -y.