Definition of schmutz in English:



(also shmutz)
informal North American
  • Dirt or a similar unpleasant substance.

    • ‘these handy wipes are always close by for swiping schmutz off my shoes, or cleaning up coffee spills’
    • ‘double-check you don't have schmutz in your teeth!’
    • ‘You must use sticky tape to lift successive layers of schmutz from the window.’
    • ‘The hill is located about a mile away and we trudged through the schmutz and ice to get there.’
    • ‘"What do you think they got fined for - schmutz on the sidewalk?"’
    • ‘I whipped out my trusty tablet and fired it up and was immediately embarrassed by the amount of schmutz that was on my screen.’
    • ‘Do you know how hard it is to get that schmutz off of the ceiling?'’
    • ‘He does a really good job of capturing a real city, not a Hollywood city where gritty is represented by new stuff with smudges of schmutz on the top.’
    • ‘"It is the schmutz from the air that locks the surfaces and causes friction," says Robbins.’
    • ‘If you have 12 kb of Base64-encoded schmutz in your header, that isn't exactly helping people find your pages via Google searches.’
    • ‘I've been around a few 'scopes in my time and their mirrors always have some schmutz on them.’
    • ‘Sticky fingers and gunky glom have a way to adhering to a mom's wardrobe. Combat the schmutz by wearing clothes that are easily washable rather than dry-clean only ones.’



/SHmo͝ots/ /ʃmʊts/


Yiddish shmuts or German Schmutz.