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  • 1Involving or relating to serious academic study.

    ‘scholarly journals’
    • ‘a scholarly career’
    • ‘Few if any of the serious scholarly treatments of the Cold War and its end credit a single policy or factor or agent.’
    • ‘There is no paucity of scholarly studies and statistical data on China, but these do not help us.’
    • ‘His articles and case studies on these topics have appeared in numerous scholarly journals and books.’
    • ‘His life as well as his scholarly studies have greatly enriched the field of American economic history.’
    • ‘But scholarly studies on the pre-independence history of Indian diplomacy are too few.’
    • ‘The society combines the scholarly study of local speech with the publication of prose and poetry in various forms of local dialect.’
    • ‘Johnson's study continues the important scholarly work of correcting this misreading.’
    • ‘But most of their commentaries are irrelevant to serious scholarly discourse.’
    • ‘He is the author of several books and has written several articles in scholarly journals in his field.’
    • ‘It is the task of a scholarly journal to provide a platform for many interesting lines of discussion and analysis.’
    • ‘Most scholarly journals do not pay authors, and many actually impose page charges on scientists who contribute.’
    • ‘As the largest and most dangerous of all sixteenth-century English rebellions, these events have already received much scholarly attention.’
    • ‘The problem for Australian academic historians is that scholarly publishing is virtually non-existent.’
    • ‘Try to do better at blogging about new scholarly work in political science that connects to real-world events.’
    • ‘Yet despite their profusion and evident popularity these figures have received little scholarly attention.’
    • ‘At this point, online scholarly publishing is pursuing two economic models - commercial and open access.’
    • ‘The reverse is true - as scholarly research indicates, and as I have found empirically.’
    • ‘I've written a fair number of articles in both policy and scholarly journals.’
    • ‘By the 1990s, the scholarly literature on implementation had ballooned to immense proportions.’
    • ‘After he arrived on campus, now thirty-five and still single, he began to scout out new scholarly topics.’
    academic, educational, scholastic, professorial, pedagogic, pedagogical
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    1. 1.1Having or showing knowledge, learning, or devotion to academic pursuits.
      ‘a scholarly account of the period’
      • ‘an earnest, scholarly man’
      • ‘On the other hand, they are too disjointed and brief to contribute much to the knowledge of more scholarly fans.’
      • ‘Erudite and scholarly, Green was best known for his literary achievements.’
      • ‘Here, the music press and music journalism in daily newspapers form the basis of scholarly accounts of works of highly variable scope.’
      • ‘It is good to have this learned and scholarly life back in circulation.’
      • ‘Yet they do not mean that there would be no intelligible reality outside our scholarly discourses.’
      • ‘Multi-lingual, he liked to retire with a book, was well-polished in letters and enjoyed scholarly debate.’
      • ‘His own education was scholarly and he could read Latin and was familiar with the classics.’
      • ‘What such an account would not reveal is how far this scholarly passion for translation actually influenced cultural practice on a wider scale.’
      • ‘Such scholarly collaboration would not have looked good in literary accounts of embassies.’
      • ‘The British, the author of this scholarly and objective study concludes, lost both the will and the ability to rule by force.’
      • ‘This excellent study is scholarly, clearly written, informative, and provocative.’
      • ‘The authors are to be congratulated on this scholarly study, which must have been a labour of love.’
      learned, erudite, academic, well read, widely read, intellectual, literary, lettered, well educated, knowledgeable, cultured, cultivated, highbrow
      well researched, painstaking, studious, thorough, detailed, thoroughgoing, comprehensive, exhaustive
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/ˈskälərlē/ /ˈskɑlərli/