Definition of schoolboy error in English:

schoolboy error


  • A very basic or foolish mistake.

    • ‘His book Problems of Leninism is an eclectic compilation, full of schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘Accusing respected clergymen of lying was a political schoolboy error.’
    • ‘You are not going to win games making schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘Hawks contributed mightily to their own downfall by making schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘Their punishing tactics were too much for Wigan whose schoolboy errors were embarrassing considering the magnitude of the occasion.’
    • ‘It was painful to watch, even more painful to hear the Doncaster fans laughing at York's schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘The club's younger defenders all show potential but are prone to schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘He is far from the finished article and his game yesterday was a mix of schoolboy errors and flashes of brilliance.’
    • ‘Two lads went for the same ball for their second goal and Ashley Connor made a schoolboy error for their penalty.’
    • ‘The Indians were spectacular in the field, holding half-chances and even creating dismissals, but the Pakistanis made schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘The company will be at pains not to let this type of embarrassing schoolboy error happen again.’
    • ‘But he was judged a fool guilty of schoolboy errors when estimating 100,000 civilian deaths since the March 2003 US-UK invasion of Iraq.’
    • ‘This is new territory for us and as such a learning curve where we admit we have made few schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘Most notably, though, I made another schoolboy error.’
    • ‘With the position we are in and with games running out very quickly we have got to cut out these schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘The reality was that Scotland should have then run away with the game, but the schoolboy errors were wrecking their play.’
    • ‘We made the same mistakes again, just silly schoolboy errors.’
    • ‘They are what you would class as schoolboy errors at the moment.’
    • ‘Late on a schoolboy error from keeper Mark Zawadski allowed Ks sub Martyn Williams in to poach a goal and secure maximum points.’
    • ‘We made schoolboy errors but I'll keep working and giving 100 %.’