Definition of schooler in English:



mainly North American in combination
  • A student attending a school of the specified kind or being educated in the specified way.

    ‘a high-schooler’
    • ‘So, we were going to have eight high-schoolers, two middle schoolers, six elementary schoolers, a kid in Pre-K in the mornings and in daycare in the afternoons, and a kid at the daycare all day.’
    • ‘Sometimes you'll see middle schoolers when the high school kids are there chatting with their other friends trying to blend in.’
    • ‘The staff is hustling during the back-to-school season to match middle schoolers with backpacks and college students with graphing calculators.’
    • ‘The occupants of the room had changed numerous times, as usually no one could get any work done due to the noise of the middle schoolers and freshman.’
    • ‘Ask the average primary schooler here about their teacher and they'll give you a cascade of colourful answers.’
    • ‘In each of the past two years, some 100 nursery schoolers failed to be admitted to any tony kindergarten.’
    • ‘This is what happens in and around a school program that teaches New York City elementary schoolers how to swing, tango, and do the rumba.’
    • ‘Magical thinking is surprisingly widespread in the linguistic culture of elementary-school kids these days - maybe middle schoolers are not immune either.’
    • ‘The Group included social studies and history teachers, a school library media specialist and a teacher who works with academically talented middle schoolers.’
    • ‘We had to drop the middle schoolers off kind of early so we could get to school on time so I was usually in the clear.’
    • ‘He taught foreign language to middle schoolers, and he loved it.’
    • ‘Since middle schoolers are beginning to grasp abstraction and ‘thinking about thinking,’ art can provide an excellent opportunity for bridging thoughts and feelings with reality.’
    • ‘The middle schoolers reported that the site helped them clarify types of pressure they had already felt - such as put-downs or rejection - but had not recognized as forms of peer pressure.’
    • ‘Three groups of middle schoolers from Oakland, California, sat patiently on a downed log near a grove of eucalyptus trees, looking out through a light drizzle towards the Pacific Ocean.’
    • ‘Those kids were notorious for being trouble with a capital T, and until everybody learned their own techniques of contraband procurement, the parochial schoolers were it.’
    • ‘Just to intern for a congressperson, you have to fill out forms and applications, and pray that by some miracle you make it, because nobody is interested in hiring high - schoolers.’
    • ‘This year, 86 percent of those schoolers passed.’
    • ‘To help, the Sunday schoolers contributed $802.74 from their offerings.’
    • ‘For example, although one could argue that there are ‘romantic complications,’ they are more of the kind that would happen in the average post-high schooler's life than in that of a movie character.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of policemen were mobilized to search for the five primary schoolers, who disappeared in March 1991 after telling their parents they were going to catch frogs in nearby fields.’



/ˈsko͞olər/ /ˈskulər/