Definition of schoolwork in English:


Pronunciation /ˈsko͞olwərk/ /ˈskulwərk/

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  • Work assigned students by their teachers in school.

    ‘Brother could do any schoolwork put to him, but he'd answer any spoken question with “I don't know.”’
    • ‘An avid student, Edmond excelled at his schoolwork, and was thought of as his school's best poet.’
    • ‘She drowned herself in her schoolwork and the school paper, doing her best and doing more than what was asked of her.’
    • ‘My life had settled into the monotony of school, schoolwork, and school tension; nothing else.’
    • ‘After she was done washing the dishes she went into her bedroom and studied and worked on schoolwork.’
    • ‘There was enough schoolwork in the school week to keep stressing for the two free days you were granted.’
    • ‘They were always going through her stuff and ruining it, and she could never work on her schoolwork.’
    • ‘I then proceeded in entering the dinning room where Leah was hard at work with some schoolwork.’
    • ‘Dani had been working on schoolwork for almost four hours straight when Bryan came home.’
    • ‘They chose the wrong time though, because I was very sick, and bogged down by schoolwork and projects.’
    • ‘I had quite good teachers and I had no problems with schoolwork, but I seem to remember school as an unhappy place.’
    • ‘She does not finish her schoolwork, and she pays the teachers no respect.’
    • ‘Chad and Ally talked about how her schoolwork's been so far this semester.’
    • ‘Paddy's schoolwork wasn't up to scratch, so the teacher asked what the problem was.’
    • ‘He had to bribe the school to let him do his schoolwork on the road.’
    • ‘I didn't have the stamina and motivation to ever complete a work of fiction, except for schoolwork.’
    • ‘I tried to focus on reading a book that I was assigned to have read by the next day as schoolwork.’
    • ‘What's she thinking, going to work when she has a son to raise and schoolwork to do?’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong or weird about enjoying schoolwork.’
    • ‘I do make them revise their schoolwork, and then I give oral quizzes.’
    • ‘In all honesty, the only thing I was actually doing right was my schoolwork.’
    exercise, assignment, school task, drill


Although the distinction can be made between schoolwork as work assigned to be completed in school and homework as work assigned to be completed at home, in practice people often use schoolwork to mean the same as homework: they had to do their schoolwork at the kitchen table