Definition of schwa in English:


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  • The unstressed central vowel (as in a moment ago), represented by the symbol /ə/ in the International Phonetic Alphabet.

    ‘Although not represented in the conventional alphabet, schwa is the commonest vowel sound in English.’
    • ‘Of these, 36 have a clear schwa as their vowel.’
    • ‘In another example, we observed that only 28% of the teachers could correctly identify the sound of a schwa, as represented in the final syllable of the word ‘happen.’’
    • ‘Leaving Rome and heading south or east, you find a tendency of shortening non-stressed vowels and reducing them to schwas.’
    • ‘The ‘o’ is pronounced like the ‘uh’ that grammarians everywhere know as the ‘English schwa.’’



/SHwä/ /ʃwɑ/


Late 19th century from German, from Hebrew šěwā'.