Definition of schwag in English:



informal mainly US
  • 1Products given away free, typically for promotional purposes.

    • ‘I'll be showing you the best of the schwag I get my hands on each day’
    • ‘In the course of covering consumer electronics, well, schwag happens.’
    • ‘Ross asks us to tell what is our best schwag.’
    • ‘Regardless of such tangled philosophical questions, I decided to do my part by reproducing an image of the mesmerizing, tantalizing virtual schwag.’
    • ‘Taking the time to find good, free schwag will save you lots of money in the long run.’
    • ‘Note too: there will be some magnificent schwag happening sometime later this month, here on this very blog.’
    • ‘There's a listing of all the schwag below.’
    • ‘Sample schwag includes Apple iPods, spa services, luxury hotel accommodations, even Lasik eye surgery treatments.’
    • ‘The mayhem the giveaway created was hard to watch, but the schwag was well worth it.’
    • ‘Any influence schwag may have on us is mitigated by letting you guys know what's up.’
    • ‘What was unusual about this particular bit of schwag is that it wasn't adorned with the sponsoring company's logo.’
    • ‘For me, it's all about the schwag, the mountains of junk companies spend thousands of dollars on in order to draw innocent passersby in.’
    • ‘The schwag that we normally put together for the drive, the bottle openers, t-shirts, Gilligan hats, what have you, are too expensive to produce.’
    • ‘Many geeks across the world are in a similar situation: we want our share of schwag, but we just don't have access.’
    • ‘There's a lot of prepackaged fun, marketing schwag, overpriced food, and flat-out waste.’
    • ‘All the free schwag has been itemized and tossed or stowed.’
    • ‘And it is against my various contracts to accept ginormous loads of schwag.’
    • ‘When I worked in a major university's Department of Surgery, drug companies provided once-a-week lunches for the residents, and regularly passed out all kinds of schwag to the doctors.’
    • ‘Utilizing branded vehicles, street-team schwag and a sprawling interactive billboard, it was able to capture attention multiple times and in various locations.’
  • 2Marijuana, typically of a low grade.

    • ‘even potheads couldn't smoke that schwag’
    • ‘The song begins as an awkward power-chord assault that sounds like a high-school basement band that has recently given up their metal records for schwag and early Floyd.’
    • ‘I've been reading through some of the threads here, and there's a lot of talk about dank, schwag & shake.’
    • ‘Prices for low quality weed (schwag) are substantially lower.’
    • ‘If using schwag, the ratio should probably be doubled.’
    • ‘This is an important distinction between high-quality marijuana and schwag.’



/SHwaɡ/ /ʃwæɡ/


1990s alteration of swag, perhaps after words of Yiddish origin, such as schlub, schmuck, etc..