Definition of sclerotized in English:



(also British sclerotised)
  • (of an insect's body, or part of one) hardened by conversion into sclerotin.

    ‘The cephalothorax of spiders is a sclerotized body part that does not change after the final molt.’
    • ‘The sclerotized spermatheca is flexible and has muscle attachments between the base of the body of the spermatheca and its apex.’
    • ‘The larvae have a non-retracting head capsule, consisting of sclerotized chitin, which bears opposing mandibles, antennae, eyespots, and various other sensory structures.’
    • ‘In the adult stage, a sclerotized dorsal plate is evident and this is often ornate with patterns in white or gold against a brown or gray background.’
    • ‘The majority of the fossil record consists of biomineralized or sclerotized remains as they have a high preservation potential.’



/ˈsklerətīzd/ /ˈsklɛrətaɪzd/