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‘I hope the pessimists, cynics and scoffers will not have the last word on this.’
  • ‘She, like me, had been a scoffer, a cynic, and an unbeliever and had put her faith in the wretched medical con-artists.’
  • ‘The array of cheap food and drink deals ensures a steady stream of post-5pm quaffers and scoffers, and umpteen large-screen televisions in the rear lounge have established it as one of the city's most popular hubs for sports fans.’
  • ‘Critics and scoffers, however, may be missing the point.’
  • ‘He staked his career on this at a time when few people knew anything about it and most of those who did were scoffers.’



/ˈskôfər/ /ˈskɔfər/ /ˈskäfər/ /ˈskɑfər/