Definition of scoliotic in English:




See scoliosis

‘The Cobb angle is the angle formed by a line drawn perpendicular to the top of the superior vertebrae of the scoliotic curve and a similar perpendicular line drawn along the bottom of the inferior vertebrae.’
  • ‘Spinal surgery with instrumentation corrects a significant part of the deformity and hopefully stops further progression of the scoliotic curve.’
  • ‘A rib hump is a hallmark of scoliotic curves greater than 10 degrees and should prompt radiographic evaluation.’
  • ‘A scoliotic, pallid man with a sweaty helmet of black hair and a sternum puckered like the halves of a clamshell, he extended both his hands up to me as if to be pulled up from his chair.’
  • ‘We use a metal implant to stabilize and hold the spine together and correct the scoliotic deformity.’



/ˌskōlēˈädik/ /ˌskoʊliˈɑdɪk/