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  • 1Denoting a game or match in which no goals, points, or runs are scored.

    ‘the game remained scoreless after 90 minutes’
    • ‘a scoreless draw’
    • ‘They held their opponents scoreless in the first half.’
    • ‘Midway through the period, he broke the scoreless tie on a contentious goal.’
    • ‘He threw a scoreless seventh, securing the Warriors' lead for an 8–6 win.’
    • ‘With three scoreless innings from the Badgers, things were starting to look up heading into the seventh.’
    • ‘They scored without reply and held the opposition scoreless for the final 23 minutes of the game.’
    • ‘There was good defending on both sides, and as a result of this and two hard-working goalies, the half finished scoreless.’
    • ‘Although they tried hard to find the goalposts, they were scoreless going into the second half.’
    • ‘This game was a tough battle with good defending on both sides to put the teams scoreless at half-time.’
    • ‘Their goalie made a great save to see the sides still scoreless.’
    • ‘He completed 13 scoreless innings in his first World Series two years ago.’
  • 2(of a movie or play) having no music composed for it.

    ‘the film is scoreless with only a few pop hits in a few scenes’
    • ‘The scoreless, hot screams of someone in danger—we hear her character trying to escape, but with no dramatic music, no guidance—just pure terror.’
    • ‘This stripped-down, scoreless film is a powerful drama that poses questions about what we owe our spouses and ourselves.’
    • ‘Does anyone know where I can find a scoreless movie?’
    • ‘Modern scoreless films usually don't have a score because they simply don't need one.’
    • ‘I want to find scoreless movies so I can score them myself.’
    • ‘Almost every dramatic or comedy film of the early 1930s was virtually scoreless, except for the music heard during the opening and closing credits.’
    • ‘The best of his scoreless period is a 1964 Cold War thriller and one of the most arresting films of any era.’
    • ‘The only music in his second great scoreless film is the song playing over shots of Brooklyn during the opening credits.’
    • ‘The film's quieter, scoreless moments are the ones that resonate most truthfully.’
    • ‘The score that was written for the DVD reissue is included here, and though obviously revisionist, it does enhance the otherwise scoreless film.’



/ˈskôrləs/ /ˈskɔrləs/