Definition of scorzonera in English:



  • 1A plant of the daisy family with tapering purple-brown edible roots.

    Scorzonera hispanica, family Compositae

    1. 1.1The root of the scorzonera used as a vegetable.
      ‘Salsify features narrow, leek-like leaves, violet-red flowers and light yellow root, whereas scorzonera's leaves are somewhat wider, its flowers yellow, its creamy white root concealed by dark brown skin.’
      • ‘Skirret is cooked and eaten in the same ways as salsify and scorzonera.’
      • ‘I decided on roast breast of duck, served with the same potato terrine, some glazed parsnips and scorzonera.’



/ˌskôrzəˈnirə/ /ˌskɔrzəˈnɪrə/


Early 17th century from Italian, from scorzone, from an alteration of medieval Latin curtio(n-) ‘venomous snake’ (against whose venom the plant may have been regarded as an antidote).