Definition of scoter in English:


nounplural noun scoter, plural noun scoters

  • A northern diving duck that winters off the coast, the male of which has mainly black plumage.

    Genus Melanitta, family Anatidae: three species

    ‘Sea ducks like scoters and eiders are also divers.’
    • ‘Below we report the geographic distribution of long-tailed ducks, eiders, scoters, glaucous gulls, and Pacific loons with respect to month and ice cover.’
    • ‘The Red-Breasted Merganser is also a bold world traveler, plying icy waters where usually only scoters and eiders dare to tread.’
    • ‘In Washington from mid-October to early May, long-tailed ducks are usually found in deep salt water, sometimes intermingled with scoters.’
    • ‘Fall and winter bring storms, yes, but also lines of scoters and an occasional spouting whale.’



/ˈskōdər/ /ˈskoʊdər/


Late 17th century perhaps an error for sooter (with reference to its black plumage).