Definition of Scottish play in English:

Scottish play


the Scottish play
  • A euphemistic name for William Shakespeare's play Macbeth (mentioning the play by its name while inside a theater is considered bad luck, according to theatrical superstition)

    ‘she's fulfilling a childhood ambition by playing Lady Macbeth in the latest big-screen adaptation of the Scottish play’
    • ‘We're off to an open-air performance at Osborne House of The Scottish Play.’
    • ‘The resulting performance brings a rare urgency to the Scottish Play.’
    • ‘He had no qualms about appearing in "the Scottish play".’
    • ‘Slower paced than most productions of the "Scottish play," much of the first act is spent establishing Macbeth's humanity.’
    • ‘Like mentioning a certain Scottish play in the theatre, or whistling on a Peterhead fishing boat, it's taboo.’
    • ‘Simon Bell directed a highly satisfying Scottish Play.’
    • ‘The Scottish play, it turns out, is even more universal in its significance than critics had thought.’
    • ‘He stars as Macbeth in Theatre Babel's memorable production of the Scottish play.’
    • ‘This resulted in a sparse, expressionistic film that is one of the best versions of the Scottish play in cinema history.’
    • ‘But it is safe to say that The Scottish Play has never been set in a US fast-food restaurant - until now.’