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Scottish terrier

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  • A small terrier of a rough-haired short-legged breed.

    ‘Our mascot is a Scottish terrier known as McFog the Dog - very clever indeed.’
    • ‘The most memorable campaign remarks of 1944 were FDR's mocking defense of Fala, his Scottish terrier, against the charge that he sent a destroyer to fetch the pooch from Alaska.’
    • ‘Some passers-by said they had seen a Scottish terrier earlier but didn't know where she had gone.’
    • ‘The informality of the evening was reflected in the presence of Barney, the president's black Scottish terrier.’
    • ‘Miss Beazley, an 11-week-old Scottish terrier, now has the run of the White House along with her older brother, Barney.’


Scottish terrier

/ˈskädiSH ˈterēər/ /ˈskɑdɪʃ ˈtɛriər/