Definition of scouting in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of gathering information about enemy forces or an area.

    ‘he learned the elements of scouting and intelligence gathering’
    as modifier ‘he ventured forth in a scouting party with two of his troopers’
    • ‘For the most part it was considered that air forces would be used primarily for scouting and reconnaissance missions, both overland and at sea.’
    • ‘They maintain that commandos are carrying our scouting and reconnaissance missions inside enemy-held areas.’
    • ‘Roger's Rangers were involved in many scouting and reconnaissance mission, acting as the eyes and ears for the English troops.’
    • ‘Villa and his men were overconfident and did no scouting of the area.’
    • ‘Yet all of its military uses, from scouting to strategic bombing, had already been foreseen by an eager, if overly sanguine, public.’
    • ‘The only option growers had for aerial scouting that provided immediate information was to learn to fly themselves.’
    • ‘But what the surveillance plans had in them was some scouting or reconnaissance of heliports and helipads in New York.’
    • ‘Baden-Powell joined the army in 1876 and specialized in reconnaissance and scouting.’
    • ‘UAVs and lots of scouting, plus questioning of prisoners, reveals the enemy routes and makes them deadly to use.’
    • ‘These extended and late hatching periods suggest the need for continued scouting for grasshoppers in pastures and areas adjacent to cropland.’
    • ‘Thanks to excellent scouting and research, teams can count on spotting a large baseline number of species.’
    • ‘He's gone up in rank and is now a Lt. Commander, in command of a scouting / reconnaissance ship.’
    • ‘A more advanced level could include compaction mapping, remote sensing, and field scouting.’
    • ‘It is likely that the footprint must have been left by some scouting savage making a rare foray to the far side of the island.’
    • ‘From my previous scouting mission in April, we deduced that this was the only available place to eat in town that was relatively close to the train station.’
    • ‘Missions will vary from typical ‘build a base - kill 'em all’ to covert operations, scouting and survival.’
    • ‘Intensive scouting is continuing throughout eastern North America from the Gulf coast to southern Ontario wherever soybean is grown.’
    • ‘Begin weekly scouting of soybean fields in late June.’
    • ‘Apparently Troussier knew that a job such as this would pop up in time to save him from making scouting trips to places like Llanddulas or the Inner Hebrides.’
    • ‘The scouting reports she was pouring over had nothing to do with far-flung picket ships reporting back targets of opportunity.’
    1. 1.1The activity of a talent scout.
      ‘rugby union should build a system of scouting such as rugby league has had for 100 years’
      • ‘It's obvious when you talk about prospects how much you value your first-hand account, or the scouting reports you hear of a player.’
      • ‘Some will complain it puts their scouting of college talent and preparation for free agency at a disadvantage against teams with coaches in place, but I don't buy that.’
      • ‘Last season he still kept involved in the game, compiling scouting reports for clubs and also going to watch games just to keep his ‘finger-in’, so to speak.’
      • ‘In 1963, when Ron Wolf first started in this personnel business, NFL scouting was dominated by part-timers.’
      • ‘He is in front of his locker, placing written scouting reports and color-coded charts on Orioles hitters into neat stacks on the floor.’
      • ‘So all the scouting reports read ‘He doesn't have what it takes to make it to the NHL.’’
      • ‘The Longhorns have so much NFL talent, the league should set up a scouting field office in Austin.’
      • ‘The franchise mode has been expanded with a scouting report and a minor league system that will let hands on managers cultivate talent.’
      • ‘‘He's a dynamite player,’ says a spokesperson of the independent scouting service.’
      • ‘Sann spent the past two seasons in the position of director, basketball administration working in the areas of scouting and player personnel.’
      • ‘For many, the way you run the A's boils down to statistical analysis vs. traditional scouting.’
      • ‘Parties interview candidates, but no amount of scouting insures that they can play to expectations.’
      • ‘He was responsible for draft preparation and scouting, salary cap planning and roster management.’
      • ‘Evaluating scouts - evaluating the entire process of scouting - is long overdue.’
      • ‘It also should include enough rounds to neutralize the advantage of high-revenue teams that spend heavily on international scouting.’
      • ‘‘The only number I can tell you is that we spend less than anybody on player development and scouting,’ he says.’
      • ‘Whether it was great scouting or just good luck, the addition of middle linebacker Levon Kirkland should have a trickle-down effect on many areas of the defense.’
      • ‘He will handle a variety of duties on the basketball side, including scouting and player evaluation.’
      • ‘Baseball's coaching, scouting and executive ranks are filled with sore-kneed former catchers.’
      • ‘Part of the scouting process is the exercise of looking at a college prospect and seeing an established NFL player.’
  • 2

    (also Scouting)
    The characteristic activity and occupation of a Scout; the Scout movement.

    ‘we need active participation from every facet of Scouting’
    as modifier ‘a veteran of the Scouting Movement’
    • ‘A Bowness woman has been recognised for her outstanding work within the scouting movement over many years.’
    • ‘It would appear that the scouting movement held little to no appeal to the PM and many members of the government.’
    • ‘Moves within the scouting movement mean that future scouts and guides are more likely to stay in hotel style billets than traditional tents.’
    • ‘The Brownies were an off-shoot of the scouting movement Army General Robert Baden-Powell founded in 1909.’
    • ‘The group also regularly sends delegates to the annual worldwide scouting jamboree.’
    • ‘The scouting movement's city chapter chairman said his organization would continue to campaign for the separation of garbage.’
    • ‘‘It could even be people who were involved in the scouting movement when they were young,’ he said.’
    • ‘One of the fastest growing areas of scouting, last year the program experienced a 17% growth in youth enrollment.’
    • ‘He was an Eagle Scout then and taught me the lore of scouting with both patience and understanding.’
    • ‘The Boy Scout volunteer knew something was wrong when he saw that 20 youngsters on the list for a scouting program all had the same last name: Doe.’
    • ‘Public and private schools, scouting groups, and religious youth educators are sources of valuable information.’