Definition of scrapbook in English:



  • A book of blank pages for sticking cuttings, drawings, or pictures in.

    • ‘He made us laugh, he knocked us dead, and then there was the scrapbook, with its pages full of letters, pictures, signatures.’
    • ‘It's the creation of a family history, albeit one that lines the walls rather than the torn, hidden pages of scrapbooks and photo albums.’
    • ‘At the low end this passion has become a small industry known as memory books - glorified scrapbooks.’
    • ‘Liadan questions her boyfriend as she shifts the picture around the page of her scrapbook.’
    • ‘Let your child cut up headlines from old magazines and newspapers and stick the same letters on pages of a scrapbook.’
    • ‘She would come home from school, play with her dog, then go through old scrapbooks with pictures of her family: on holiday and at weddings, and just snapshots in general.’
    • ‘I loved them so much that I stuck them in scrapbooks.’
    • ‘We gobbled up stats, poured over the sports pages, kept hockey scrapbooks and traded the cards.’
    • ‘His niece lives in Barnoldswick and still has a scrapbook of his original cuttings from the Herald.’
    • ‘Inside the scrapbook was the front page of the Daily News from the day the Berlin wall fell.’
    • ‘My mum now keeps a scrapbook of all my cuttings and my dad has all the episodes taped.’
    • ‘He sat in front of the police station downtown with his scrapbooks of pictures, educating anyone who walked by.’
    • ‘His stat books and scrapbooks with all of his articles remain prized possessions of the family.’
    • ‘Brad's emerald green eyes were focused on gluing the finally pictures to a scrapbook he was making for her.’
    • ‘I gently slid the picture into a scrapbook that also held the rose I had pressed, and placed it on a shelf.’
    • ‘Visitors can also access a virtual scrapbook with pictures from the campaign trail.’
    • ‘She had made him a scrapbook of all the pictures they took together she thought were cute.’
    • ‘He stopped on one of the last pages in the scrapbook and he pointed to one article in the center.’
    • ‘A handsome nerd, he loves computers and gadgets, but also obsessively fills tattered scrapbooks with sketches, old postcards and sentimental family snaps.’
    • ‘The centre has a small lending library for puzzles and is setting up groups for collectors and people interested in making scrapbooks.’