Definition of scrivener in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskriv(ə)nər/ /ˈskrɪv(ə)nər/


  • A clerk, scribe, or notary.

    • ‘His father, a scrivener, had rebelled against his father's Catholicism to become an Anglican (and been disinherited for his apostasy).’
    • ‘It is also not clear why, occasionally, the scrivener found it necessary to record the family connections for some men while not so at other times.’
    • ‘The first entry made by the scrivener for the town of Braga in northern Portugal, on Saturday, 5 February 1569, refers to a petition before the municipal council from Ilena Piriz.’
    • ‘John Milton was born on December 9, 1608 on Bread Street in Cheapside, London, England to a scrivener and his wife.’
    • ‘Bristow, scrivener and the King's clerk, was meticulous in his record keeping.’
    • ‘The practice also seems to have varied according to region, scrivener, and nature of the document in question.’
    clerk, secretary, copyist, transcriber, amanuensis, recorder, record keeper


Middle English (in scrivener (sense 1 of the noun)): shortening of Old French escrivein, from Latin scriba (see scribe). scrivener (sense 2 of the noun) dates from the early 17th century.



/ˈskriv(ə)nər/ /ˈskrɪv(ə)nər/