Definition of scrummage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈskrəmij/ /ˈskrəmɪdʒ/


  • 1Rugby
    A scrum.

    ‘London Irish forced the penalty at the scrummage and Shane converted to close the gap to 6–3’
    • ‘But unlike the rugby scrummage, the American version allowed one team to hold possession of the ball.’
    • ‘A reorganised Kirkby front row competed well and the pack scrummaged well to take three against the head.’
    • ‘With 20 minutes left and still a seven-man pack McKay went over following a back row pick up at a scrummage.’
    • ‘After 53 minutes, two powerful Lions scrummages set them rolling.’
    • ‘But again due to silly mistakes and the poorest scrummaging I've ever seen from Wales, France got the better of them.’
    • ‘Hinch, now with a 3 point lead, had to fight hard in the final minutes to withstand a Belvedere onslaught as the home side pushed for the score with a series of 5 metre scrummages.’
    • ‘They will be on the front line for England's World Cup challenge, their scrummages setting the tone for every match played, their battle within a battle defining the powerbase for the game.’
    • ‘Keighley's pack was seldom outplayed by Scarborough's robust efforts up front, even though it was shunted backwards from time to time in the scrummages.’
    • ‘So far the English pack had had slightly the better of the scrummages, but France more than made up for that in the line-out and their quickness and splendid handling in the open.’
    • ‘They scrummaged better to retain possession and their mobile backs forced errors from the home side, creating promising field positions to score a couple of vital tries from incisive inter-play around the scrummage.’
    • ‘After an early set-back where Baildon scored a penalty, the forwards scrummaged well and stand-off Jamie Pinguenet kicked intelligently to establish good field positions.’
    • ‘We scrummaged well enough, but where they had the advantage here was in being able to put the scrum up when they wanted to and give their back row that extra bit of space and time to operate.’
    • ‘They scrummaged better, often disrupting their opponents efforts, and in the line-out they were considerably ahead as well.’
    • ‘The visitors scrummaged well and had the dominant force in the line-out in the shape of their impressive big lock, Opeta Palepoi.’
    • ‘He scrummaged well and always used his power correctly, working the right angles.’
  • 2A disorderly crowd.

    ‘a scrummage of shouting reporters and flashbulbs’
    1. 2.1A struggle or scuffle involving a crowd of people.
      ‘there was a bit of a scrummage for the best of the unreserved seating as the doors opened’

intransitive verb

[no object]Rugby
  • Form or take part in a scrum.

    ‘a lot of credit needs to go to our forwards who scrummaged superbly in the first half’


Early 19th century variant of scrimmage.



/ˈskrəmij/ /ˈskrəmɪdʒ/