Definition of scryer in English:



See scry

  • ‘I was told where to go by the scryers in the scrying room.’
  • ‘He had had half a dozen scryers scry out the situation at the city centre, since radars tended to go all awry when it came to the Disruption Fields put up by all starguards and hellguards.’
  • ‘The Gatherings began to attract some interesting and unusual people including psychics, remote viewers, psychometrists and scryers.’
  • ‘Sora, you can grow wings, but you also have the ability of telepathy and to become a potential scryer.’
  • ‘Morpheus motioned for two idle scryers to grab Pen by the arms and lead her to the door, where the scryer in front had stepped away.’
  • ‘‘So,’ she began turning to the nearest scryers, ‘What dreamscape are we going into next?’’