Definition of scup in English:


nounplural noun scup

  • A common porgy (fish) with faint dark vertical bars, occurring off the coasts of the northwest Atlantic.

    Stenotomus chrysops, family Sparidae

    ‘PIV analysis of boundary layer flow shows increased shear rates of 3.6 for swimming smooth dogfish and 1.5 to 1.9 for scup compared to a rigid reference.’
    • ‘This was shortened by the early settlers in New England to scuppaug; and afterwards to scup, a better name than porgy (or paugy, as it used to be spelled at New York), and one still in use as a common name.’
    • ‘When the first federal fish commissioner tried in 1871 to resolve a conflict in New England over declining scup stocks, the states were ill-equipped to deal with the issue and the commissioner gave up.’





Mid 19th century from Narragansett mishcup, from mishe ‘big’ + cuppi ‘close together’ (because of the shape of the scales).