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sea breeze

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  • A breeze blowing toward the land from the sea, especially during the day owing to the relative warmth of the land.

    • ‘The wind never left, still relentlessly blowing, the sea breeze refreshing during the beautiful setting of the sun.’
    • ‘It also speaks to the senses, the smell of the sand and the sea breeze, the warmth of the air.’
    • ‘The sea breeze again blew the blanket off his shoulder.’
    • ‘A warm sea breeze blew off the ocean in Charleston, South Carolina.’
    • ‘The sea breeze blew softly across the bay, its scent salty and fresh.’
    • ‘Unconnected wires hang from the roof, and a chilly sea breeze blows through the unfinished walls.’
    • ‘The salty sea breeze blew her dirty hair back from over her face and flapped wildly in the wind.’
    • ‘She had never smelled such a strong sea breeze, touched water so cool, slept so soundly and felt petals so silky.’
    • ‘The dress code was rather different and the refreshing sea breeze was replaced with painful gusts flung directly off the icecap, which looked very much like a frozen ocean.’
    • ‘With its colonial architecture, the sea breeze coming off the Indian ocean, its spice-trade history and not least its exotic name, Zanzibar is a must see.’
    • ‘Each of the hotel's 339 rooms offers a waterfront vista with a panoramic view of Tokyo Bay, made more accessible by large bay windows which partially open to allow a sea breeze.’
    • ‘Plus the fact that when I turn it on I can smell something like the sea breeze, albeit electronically generated, and I seem to feel good after wearing it on long flights or in traffic.’
    • ‘Her long hair fluttered as the sea breeze flowed by.’
    • ‘Their bodies were left to sway with the sea breeze in order to serve as a reminder to anyone who dared fight the Spaniards.’
    • ‘The long grass ripples like the ocean waves under the surprisingly gentle sea breeze.’
    • ‘The chants of ‘more, more, more’ rang into the cold sea breeze long after the gig had finished, as fans registered their approval.’
    • ‘From the top, a large metal tower protruded, replete with viewing platforms and a proud pennon snapping in the sea breeze.’
    • ‘For most of the year, the climate is benign - glorious autumns and springs - while in summer the light is surgery-white and hot: most afternoons the sea breeze howls in.’
    • ‘The first thing she noticed was the faint smell of sea breeze.’
    • ‘I walk against this salty sea breeze all the way to the end of the pier, where it stops suddenly, as if signaling me.’


sea breeze

/si briz/