Definition of sea chest in English:

sea chest


  • A sailor's storage chest.

    ‘‘Let's try to find something that would hold a treasure that a sailor would have, like a sea chest or something,’ suggested Grace.’
    • ‘I also turned out my old sea chest (it belonged to a sea-faring ancestor of mine - he'd painted a pair of pugilists inside the lid, so it's most likely worth a few pounds).’
    • ‘Running his fingers through the unruly crop, he wandered into the adjoining cabin to rummage through his second sea chest for clean garments.’
    • ‘It was neatly folded and sitting on top of the sea chest.’
    • ‘Around her neck was a gold necklace, and a long piece of rope, upon which hung two keys, one that opened her cabin door and the other her sea chest.’
    • ‘Together they packed all of her clothes into the sea chest, and lifted it between them.’


sea chest

/sē CHest/ /si tʃɛst/