Definition of sea eagle in English:

sea eagle


  • A large Eurasian fish-eating eagle that frequents coasts and wetlands.

    Genus Haliaetus, family Accipitridae: several species, in particular the widespread white-tailed sea eagle (H. albicilla), recently reintroduced to Scotland

    ‘This also happens to be where Scotland's most emblematic birds are flying: golden eagles, ospreys, sea eagles, whooper swans, grouse etc.’
    • ‘At the moment it is illegal to own eggs stolen from protected birds in Britain, such as ospreys, sea eagles and golden eagles.’
    • ‘They face a host of predators, including sea eagles, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, black-backed gulls and rats.’
    • ‘Birdwatchers come to Scotland to spot golden and sea eagles, the rare and large-billed Scottish crossbill, and the rare capercaillie.’
    • ‘But they're finding it difficult to get research support for their concerns about ospreys and sea eagles.’
    • ‘There are now 25 pairs of sea eagles along the west coast of Scotland but experts believe 50 pairs are needed for a survivable population.’
    • ‘White-tailed sea eagles, which have a wingspan of up to eight feet (two and a half meters) across, were once common in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘There are 400 pairs of golden eagles in the UK and just 25 pairs of sea eagles.…’
    • ‘It is different for most land-based creatures, though spiders may drift in air as well as microfauna, and sea eagles, frigate birds, and glider pilots.’
    • ‘Hornbills screech and hoot from the primary rainforest, white-bellied sea eagles glide lazily overhead.’


sea eagle

/sē ˈēɡəl/ /si ˈiɡəl/