Definition of sea krait in English:

sea krait


  • A venomous sea snake with a compressed tail, occurring in tropical coastal waters of the eastern Indian Ocean and western Pacific, coming ashore to bask and breed.

    Genus Laticauda, family Elapidae: two species

    ‘However, in some areas, snakes such as the yellow-lipped sea krait, Laticauda colubrina, have been heavily exploited by the international leather industry.’
    • ‘‘The yellow-lipped sea krait is so tame and docile that the venomous animals can be collected by the handful,’ says the reptile ecologist, pictured on the left.’
    • ‘Most sea snakes bear their young live in the water, but the banded sea krait lays eggs on land, either on the sand or just under it.’
    • ‘The banded sea krait comes to the shore for laying eggs.’
    • ‘Included in the data set were all the available sea snake and sea krait sequences and representative terrestrial snake sequences.’


sea krait

/sē krīt/ /si kraɪt/