Definition of sea lily in English:

sea lily


  • A sedentary marine echinoderm which has a small body on a long jointed stalk, with featherlike arms to trap food.

    Class Crinoidea

    ‘These include trilobites, clams, soft bodied and hard-bodied sponges, sea cucumbers, sea lilies, worms, snails, brachiopods, jellyfish, etc.’
    • ‘Ambulatory relatives of the stalked sea lilies, feather stars use their arms to walk and to climb.’
    • ‘A spectacular array of bottom dwellers such as sea lilies, brittle stars, sponges, and bivalves congregate on coral reefs at depths of up to 1,340 meters.’
    • ‘I could also see large marine isopods, looking like giant marine slaters, and some flower-like sea lilies (crinoids, a group of echinoderms related to starfishes).’
    • ‘Holothurians are generally long and wormlike; they don't look much like starfish or sea lilies.’


sea lily

/sē ˈlilē/ /si ˈlɪli/