Definition of sea nettle in English:

sea nettle


  • A large, stinging jellyfish.

    Chrysaora and other genera, class Scyphozoa: numerous species, including the East Coast sea nettle (C. quinquecirrha), which is particularly common in Chesapeake Bay during midsummer

    ‘Regions of the Chesapeake Bay can be notorious hotbeds for the sea nettle, Chrysaora quinuecirrha - a jellyfish with a veil of transparent stinging tentacles.’
    • ‘Seen at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, delicate sea nettle jellyfish are creatures of grace and beauty - a fragile part of a complex ecosystem.’
    • ‘True to its common name, the East Coast sea nettle, Chrysaora quinquecirrha, lives along the United States' eastern shore and plagues swimmers with painful welts.’
    • ‘‘We want to estimate in real time where sea nettles are, and when,’ said Christopher Brown, the co-author who initiated the project.’
    • ‘They fight the weather, the sea nettles, and those pesky jellyfish that work their way into the crabpots and can sting - hard.’


sea nettle

/sē ˈnedl/ /si ˈnɛdl/