Definition of sea perch in English:

sea perch


  • Any of a number of marine fishes which typically have a long-based dorsal fin and which are popular as sporting fish.

    a fish of the snapper family (Lutjanidae: several genera)
    a surfperch

    ‘Also known as the deep sea perch, the species was first targeted in the northeast Atlantic in 1991, with annual catches soon hitting 5,000 tons.’
    • ‘Large schools of butterfly perch hovered, while sea perch (known locally as Jock Stewarts) glared at us as they sat motionless on the rocks.’
    • ‘A close relation, Morone americanus, is much smaller, and is usually referred to as white perch or sea perch.’
    • ‘If we can't get blue cod we can usually get sea perch which are delicious when they are fresh.’
    • ‘Little is known about predation on modern Nautilus beyond the fact that turtles and sea perch will feed on them.’


sea perch

/ˈsē ˌpərCH/ /ˈsi ˌpərtʃ/