Definition of sea spider in English:

sea spider


  • A spider-like marine arachnid that has a narrow segmented body with a minute abdomen and long legs.

    Class Pycnogonida

    ‘In reality, a yellow sea spider standing on the bottom is in motion, tiptoeing incrementally from here to there, making, at best, a centimeter an hour.’
    • ‘We found ten different species of nudibranch, as well as sea spiders, edible crabs, swimming crabs and sea hares.’
    • ‘Literature of the past century states that sea spiders, a group with unresolved arthropod affinities, lack an excretory system.’
    • ‘Fish life is limited, although there are usually lots of crabs and sea spiders scuttling around.’
    • ‘His thesis was done on the embryology of the Pycnogonidae, the sea spiders, based on material collected here at Woods Hole.’


sea spider

/sē ˈspīdər/ /si ˈspaɪdər/