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sea wall

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  • A wall or embankment erected to prevent the sea from encroaching on or eroding an area of land.

    ‘A spokesman for the agency said that the sea wall protects a large area of low-lying land against the risk of flooding.’
    • ‘To prevent future floods a sea wall was constructed and the level of the city elevated.’
    • ‘Nowadays, though, the sea wall that was erected to keep the waves at bay is itself falling into the water.’
    • ‘A sea wall was erected and nearly 80,000 yards of fill was required.’
    • ‘The seaward walls of the bund will be lined with a plastic membrane layer to prevent any fines and turbid water moving through the sea wall.’
    • ‘My mother received a call telling us that our boat had broken away from its mooring in a storm and was against a sea wall and dock.’
    • ‘Consequently, only small parties penetrated Dieppe itself and of the 27 tanks landed only 15 crossed the sea wall.’
    • ‘We think he might have banged his head on the sea wall but we can't be sure.’
    • ‘There is so much graffiti along the sea wall and there are always broken bottles lying around.’
    • ‘Two policemen helped me carry the man to the sea wall and lay him on his back.’
    • ‘He added: ‘Repairs are going to be done on the sea wall which will probably start around mid summer.’’
    • ‘Again, earlier this morning, it was not this windy, and not this much rain, but now, we have rain and water coming up against the sea wall here.’
    • ‘In addition to the landscaping of the promenade to improve access, the sea wall will be rebuilt and there are plans to build a plaza beside the Newcastle Centre.’
    • ‘All along the road, water rose to the brim of the sea wall.’
    • ‘Instead of taking the stairs, we scaled the sea wall.’
    • ‘Cyclists and rollerbladers stick to the ten-kilometre sealed track that skirts the edge of Stanley Park, following the sea wall.’
    • ‘The sea wall goes, unfortunately, all the way up to where I live and about 1,000 feet from the ocean front.’
    • ‘This is the sea wall that was constructed after the big hurricane in 1900.’
    • ‘The sea wall protecting the wide promenade is blasted open at points.’
    • ‘She also spoke of residents' despair with the deteriorating state of the Killough Road alongside the damaged sea wall.’
    jetty, quay, wharf, dock, landing, landing stage, landing place, slipway, marina, waterfront, breakwater, mole, groyne, dyke, sea wall, embankment


sea wall

/ˌsē ˈwôl/ /ˌsi ˈwɔl/