Definition of sea wasp in English:

sea wasp


  • A box jellyfish that can inflict a dangerous sting.

    ‘The product reportedly proved largely successful against the sting of the sea wasp, a type of box jelly.’
    • ‘The sea wasp was dramatic proof that there were still dangerous unknown creatures to be discovered and studied.’
    • ‘Australia is host to the most venomous marine creatures in the world, but the sting from a box jellyfish, or sea wasp, is definitely one to avoid.’
    • ‘Known also as the sea wasp and the marine stinger, box jellyfish have killed about 65 people in the past century.’
    • ‘We Brits and the crew preferred full suits, which proved their use after a night dive on which we had to pass through a layer of stinging sea wasps drawn in by the lights of our torches.’


sea wasp

/sē wäsp/ /si wɑsp/