Definition of seagrass in English:



  • A grasslike plant that lives in or close to the sea, especially eelgrass.

    Genera Cymodocea (family Cymodoceaceae), Zostera (family Zosteraceae), and others

    ‘Autecological studies on seagrasses have documented that seagrass distribution is strongly related to physiology and growth characteristics, including water depth and salinity zonation.’
    • ‘Some are herbivores, grazing on the filamentous algae covering coral reefs, and a few eat seagrasses and algae on reef flats.’
    • ‘The nutrient-enriched water causes an explosive growth of tiny plants and animals that coat the leaves of the seagrasses.’
    • ‘The next phase of decline is the sudden collapse of ‘architectural ‘species such as kelp, oysters, reef corals, giant sponges, and seagrasses.’
    • ‘Populations of marine angiosperms, or seagrasses, are at the basis of productive ecosystems thriving in shallow coastal areas around the world.’



/ˈsēɡras/ /ˈsiɡræs/