Definition of seal ring in English:

seal ring


mainly historical
  • A finger ring with a seal for impressing sealing wax.

    ‘The gold seal ring, which Pippa had told me about, meant that whoever her attacker was, he was a wealthy, powerful one.’
    • ‘Gold and glass bracelets, necklaces, pieces of jewelry, seal rings, incense containers, silverware, perfume bottles… Each piece is a wonderful work of art.’
    • ‘The retail side of his trade, however, presented much more of a Dickensian jumble with seal rings, English china, snuff boxes, and walking sticks.’
    • ‘The baron pressed the ornate seal ring on his finger, and clenched his fist.’
    • ‘He wore a heavy seal ring on the little finger of the left hand.’


seal ring

/ˈsē(ə)l ˌriNG/ /ˈsi(ə)l ˌrɪŋ/