Definition of seamlessly in English:


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  • Smoothly and continuously, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next.

    ‘each song is seamlessly integrated into the film’
    • ‘the conversation flowed seamlessly’
    • ‘History has a way of ignoring such insolent details, of weaving them seamlessly into its larger narrative fabric.’
    • ‘The white Masonite floor curved up at the room's edges to seamlessly merge with the white walls.’
    • ‘The movie is a marvel of special effects seamlessly hitched to a powerful coming-of-age story.’
    • ‘The traditional overtones of the image meld seamlessly with a modernist concern with abstract form.’
    • ‘He integrates his new approach to the myths seamlessly with the traditional art historical account of the evolution of the genre.’
    • ‘Design moves seamlessly from the architect to the fabricator.’
    • ‘He is known for beautifully crafted houses that weave seamlessly into their sites.’
    • ‘Together with the associated buildings, it seamlessly unifies a formerly confusing campus.’
    • ‘He seamlessly incorporates collaged photographs cut from magazines within the painted areas.’
    • ‘Their modernist impulses make them viable in a Paris art scene seamlessly connected to its glorious early-20th-century past.’



/ˈsēmləslē/ /ˈsimləsli/