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  • 1(of a database, website, etc.) capable of being computationally searched.

    ‘the archive is fully searchable’
    • ‘The materials produced will then be loaded on to a searchable database.’
    • ‘Most of the catalogues to solicitors ' collections held by the National Archives of Scotland have not yet been added to a searchable database.’
    • ‘Less than half the searchable Web is fully searchable in Google.’
    • ‘A list of maps added in the last 30 days complements a searchable archive of all available items.’
    • ‘You will find much useful information on the Financial Aid Office page, including a searchable database of fellowship opportunities.’
    • ‘In addition to the tutorials, the CD-ROM has an extensive searchable image collection.’
    • ‘The ' user friendly ' search page contains drop down boxes for each searchable category.’
    • ‘Discover artists or be discovered by art enthusiasts in an easily searchable online gallery.’
    • ‘MicroPatent produces the world's largest commercial collection of searchable full-text patent information.’
    • ‘This searchable database contains every book printed in English to year 1700.’
    • ‘Searchable knowledge bases or other forms of technical on-line support were not readily obvious to me.’
    • ‘The site contains a searchable directory of conditions.’
    • ‘Searchable by postcode, the maps are now one of the most frequently visited features on our website.’
    • ‘The results are written to the pathology report and also added to a searchable database for future electronic retrieval.’
    • ‘The record transcripts and indexes are presented either as plain text, or html formatted files, and not as searchable databases.’
    • ‘It offers a growing, searchable database of organisations that can help on each specific area, complete with links to all their websites.’
    • ‘In addition to serving as a searchable repository for research evidence, the database permits clinicians to enter their findings of articles into the database.’
    • ‘The software is designed to store copies of all the images police find, creating a searchable database that can help them uncover similarities among cases.’
    • ‘The US Department of Agriculture's Plants Database containing over 1000 images, plant information and searchable database.’
    • ‘The Office of Campaign and Political Finance has a detailed, searchable database on political contributions and how the money is spent.’
    1. 1.1(of an item) able to be located by a computational search.
      ‘numbers are not treated as searchable terms’
      • ‘The Libraries is now generating cataloging records for most of its US government information, which was previously only searchable through specialized indexes.’
      • ‘However, if your comments are in text, either via a keyboard or Graffiti, they're automatically indexed as searchable items.’
      • ‘With digitization, the newspapers are not only browsable, but also keyword searchable.’
      • ‘There is the potential for even greater benefits if such publications can be made usefully searchable.’
      • ‘More and more libraries are making their Chinese catalogues searchable online, but the quality of the data provided is variable.’
      • ‘Previously asked questions and answers are posted, searchable, and freely available at the Google Answers site.’
      • ‘Picasa captions are fully editable and searchable, and you choose whether to display them or not.’
      • ‘Google will digitally scan and make searchable virtually the entire collection of the University of Michigan library.’
      • ‘During the 20032004 grant year, staff digitized and made fulltext searchable local history and fiction related to 29 eastern North Carolina counties.’
      • ‘A Star and Furrow index is now available with complete searchable listings from issue 6 until issue 102.’
      • ‘The book on this CD is machine searchable.’
      • ‘And, less well known but very useful, all the volumes of The Correspondance of Charles Darwin are searchable at Google Print.’
      • ‘Data is available back to 1996, but 1998 is not searchable yet.’
      • ‘I will not list individual posts to any newsgroup or mailing list, although many are strongly philosophical and some are archived and searchable.’
      • ‘The archives of Project Eyeball appeared better organised and searchable, but I found nothing.’
      • ‘For options of what is searchable, see the Index Modes section of your account manager.’
      • ‘All items are searchable using the Library catalogue.’
      • ‘Moreover, all comments are fully searchable.’
      • ‘Data from the recently reported dog genome, which is at only 1.5x sequence coverage (Kirkness et al. 2003), is not yet available in searchable form.’
      • ‘Making all this data available and searchable via a single application has made a previously tedious and time-consuming research effort quick and easy.’



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