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  • The shell of a marine mollusk.

    ‘The little girl was fussing and crying, ‘But I want my shells, my shells, my seashells.’’
    • ‘The grave also contained offerings such as ochre and flint tools, axes, and seashells.’
    • ‘Some of the spirals found in Nature include seashells, animal horns, coiled snakes and creeping vines, among other things.’
    • ‘Climbing vines, seashells, and animal horns may have been the initial inspiration for this decoration.’
    • ‘It was a rope necklace with seashells woven into it, one of the shells holding a small sapphire in its opening.’
    • ‘They are cousins of seashells, but instead of having a protective shell, most of them are poisonous.’
    • ‘Scientifically speaking, seashells belong to the biological phylum Mollusca.’
    • ‘Gold's history as a safe haven goes back several thousand years, since it was first recognised as a currency, along with silk and seashells.’
    • ‘Other crafts include basket making, palm weaving, and jewelry made from native coral and seashells.’
    • ‘The seashells, boats, birds, fishermen and nets had fascinated her, she says.’
    • ‘It's just the museum's serene, aquatic lighting - not to mention its ongoing exhibition of seashells - that surrounds you.’
    • ‘The kid's were looking for seashells along the beach for a project and the teacher's were simply supervising.’
    • ‘The man in the ocher-colored robes sits cross-legged, eyes gently shut, palms half-open like seashells resting lightly on his knees.’
    • ‘We played in the water, searched for seashells.’
    • ‘His pockets contained three pretty stones, a feather, two small seashells, and a lint-covered half-eaten pear, but no wallet.’
    • ‘Swimming singly or in pairs, green fish frolic among silvery seashells and white water lilies.’
    • ‘Stones, seashells, or fossils make good accessories.’
    • ‘Some are shaped like seashells or green leaves.’
    • ‘After reaching the island the pair meet a young girl named Honey Rider, who is hunting for seashells.’
    • ‘Throughout the room, nothing was left unadorned - flowers, candles, and seashells were everywhere, but not to excess.’



/ˈsēˌSHel/ /ˈsiˌʃɛl/