Definition of secateurs in English:


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plural noun

(also a pair of secateurs)
  • A pair of pruning clippers for use with one hand.

    ‘Make sure all tools are in perfect working order, for instance it's much easier to prune with sharp secateurs.’
    • ‘Now until the end of the July is the time to get out the secateurs and start pruning those roses.’
    • ‘He removed his rucksack from his back, and took out his secateurs and his hedge clippers.’
    • ‘Use loppers or secateurs and cut back last year's growth to within just two buds from the main framework.’
    • ‘We tend to use the same few tools spade, fork, rake, trowel, secateurs and watering can throughout our gardening careers.’



/ˈsekəˌtərz/ /ˈsɛkəˌtərz/


Mid 19th century plural of French sécateur ‘cutter’, formed irregularly from Latin secare ‘to cut’.