Definition of second-rater in English:



See second-rate

‘Wouldn't it be a lot more reassuring, for most of us, to believe that second-raters can make it, at least once in a while?’
  • ‘Keating is a duplicitous second-rater who never has an original idea and consequently enjoys much success.’
  • ‘So if we think we're running against a second-rater without gravitas, we're dead wrong.’
  • ‘A fancy tool just gives the second-rater one more pillar to hide behind.’
  • ‘But he has been unable to rid England of this desperate inability to smack second-raters in the face.’



/ˈˌsekən(d) ˈˌrādər/ /ˈˌsɛkən(d) ˈˌreɪdər/