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second childhood

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  • A period in someone's adult life when they act as a child, either for fun or as a consequence of reduced mental capabilities.

    ‘They're cantankerous and cussed and refuse to obey the rules, but they're like naughty schoolboys enjoying a second childhood.’
    • ‘I think there's joy in telling a story for children and for adults too, who live through a second childhood when seeing this show.’
    • ‘If my grown up children caught me with it they might think I was entering my second childhood.’
    • ‘It's like he's enjoying a second childhood, finding energy that he didn't have before.’
    • ‘And, no I'm not entering into my second childhood either.’
    • ‘Mr Hockney, it seems, is enjoying a second childhood.’
    • ‘But he feels he has reached the end of his second childhood.’
    • ‘And second childhood now appears to mean a facility with computers.’
    • ‘Only this time you are older, less immune to the noise and you want to get on with enjoying your own second childhood.’
    • ‘Old age is second childhood and while enacting the role, I realised that aping an infant would make the character more lively.’
    • ‘Scooting around in the sunshine, Ulrich looks like a middle-aged guy searching for his second childhood.’
    • ‘The other burning issue of the week appears to be the emergence of second childhood in your middle age.’
    • ‘In some ways the 19-year-old Cavaliers star is experiencing a second childhood as a member of the U.S. Olympic basketball team.’
    • ‘I don't want to see puns, I don't want to see your carefree second childhood!’
    • ‘Those in geriatric care are working with persons in their second childhood and thus get booted down to the bottom again.’
    • ‘He tells himself all of them feel too young for what they are about to do, but this is no time for a second childhood.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, to witness them together is to witness a second childhood in full flow.’
    • ‘They are miserable, so sick from poverty that they have entered old age or second childhood.’
    • ‘The regression of the senior lawyer into second childhood was able to mesh the two visual themes and return a sense of continuity to the play.’
    • ‘Aged persons, or those in second childhood, are obnoxious to the same causes, and suffer in proportion.’
    decrepitude, infirmity, feebleness, unsteadiness, senescence, decline, old age, dotage, second childhood, confusion, Alzheimer's, Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia


second childhood

/ˌsekənd ˈCHīl(d)ˌ(h)o͝od/ /ˌsɛkənd ˈtʃaɪl(d)ˌ(h)ʊd/